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Leo says the Trudeau government does not deserve another term in government and that #TrudeauMustGo.

Canada's Illegals Problem



The facility, to be built in Laval, Quebec, will be able to hold between 400 and 500 illegal border crossers.

Who Exactly Lies?


Government and mainstream media continually lie to you in an attempt to cover up their mistakes made through incompetency and mismanagement. 

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Can you see the truth or would you like me to loan you a pair of glasses? What's that you ask? Is there any interest on the loan? Of course not, you're my friend. All who seek the truth are my friends by default.

Is Free Speech Dead?



At the Global Conference for Media Freedom, True North’s Andrew Lawton caught up with Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders.

Canada China Relationship



Would you forego ten grand in lost gains over the course of a few decades in exchange for living in a country that does not cave to Communist China on a laundry list of issues?

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Information Video From Paul Chauvin LG De Jure Ontario and Alt. LG Ontario David Sylvestre.

Everyone should make and take the time to watch this video.