Arrived Falcon Lake Convention


Bill Kays and Wayne MacKinnon arrived at Falcon Lake to participate in the process.

Signing Canadian Act of Union


Bill Kays and Wayne MacKinnon look on  while Maureen Weeres signs our Act of Union

Discussion of Our Constitution


We all read, discussed and then claimed the documents called  'A Consolidation of THE CONSTITUTION ACTS 1867 to 1982'




Leo says the Trudeau government does not deserve another term in government and that #TrudeauMustGo.

Canada's Illegals Problem



Our elected 'so called representatives', are supposed to have 'a higher standard' of ethics than the average joe.

Who Exactly Lies?


Government and mainstream media continually lie to you 

in an attempt to cover up their mistakes made through incompetency and mismanagement. 

Is Free Speech Dead?



At the Global Conference for Media Freedom, True North’s Andrew Lawton caught up with Rebecca Vincent of Reporters Without Borders.

Canada China Relationship



Would you forego ten grand in lost gains over the course of a few decades in exchange for living in a country that does not cave to Communist China on a laundry list of issues?

Prince Edward Island Blog

Consent of the Governed - contributed by Paul Chauvin

 You can’t ‘patriate’ a constitution. A state is not a piece of land. A state exists only because free men exist. It is we the people that give sovereignty to the state. A Constitution is an agreement that we all reach together in order to work together. The only way to adopt a Constitution is by all of us unanimously agreeing on it. The Constitution is the body of law that a duly elected government has to follow. It is a restraint on government, not on the people that make up the state. It should be pretty straight forward to anyone that thinks about it for one moment that it is up to us to draft a Constitution, it is not up to the government. It certainly isn’t up to a federal government that isn’t even a legitimate representative body of the people of Canada.

Harry James Townsend 

Bill 39 at Committee Public Hearing - Mandatory Vaccinations

If you care at all about our rights and freedoms please consider joining the public hearing on Bill39 pertaining to mandatory vaccines as this will set precedent for the rest of Canada 

Information Video From Paul Chauvin LG De Jure Ontario and Alt. LG Ontario David Sylvestre.

Everyone should make and take the time to watch this video.

SocietyRPC Downloads

From our good friends, our provincial Lieutenant Governors De Jure.

These are a great and valuable resources, both the LGs and these documents.

An Introduction To Critical Thinking - The Foundations of Critical Thinking (ppt)


Critical Thinking (ppt)


Role of Administration In Establishing A Critical Thinking Community (ppt)


Alberta (doc)


Interesting Island Stories and Testimonials

I wrote this for my children, your children, and their children's children. Much love to you all.

Hello and much love to you all. I apologize in advance for the long message. My name is Bill Kays and I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I yelled and screamed for a long time, for years and years. I yelled both off and online, to politicians' faces, and then to the backs of their heads, for they were all acts of futility. Eventually I grew tired of protesting and getting nowhere, continually banging my head against the wall and getting no measurable result. I thought i would write one last letter of protest and send it to all politicians across Canada and their news outlets. I received no response.

I am sure you all must have written your own letters, but anyway, here is my letter, and I quote

"This is an open letter to all Canadians. My name is Bill Kays and I live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Please allow me to start by stating that GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE SILENCING THEIR CRITICS. I hope this letter gets printed or seen by all Canadians although I doubt if it will. I am sending it to our federal and provincial politicians, many mainstream media outlets and to many internet news sites.

I, like many of my friends and neighbors, have simply lost all faith in both our federal and provincial governments. I feel that they no longer serve us the people. Personally I do not believe "anything" that our government says? They are making decisions with no forethought of the repercussions of their decisions. Most Canadians have no faith or trust in our governments. This is reflected by our low turnout of voters. Most people feel helpless and that they have absolutely no control over the basic fundamentals of life. I should decide, not the government, on what I can or cannot eat or drink or put in my body. They want to regulate everything.

Our government is a cancer and it is out of control. We are not governed, we are DICTATED to. There is a big difference. The fox is guarding the hen house folks and the devil is laughing at us. How did we ever let it get this bad?

I laughed quietly to myself as I heard on Compass (local tv) this week that they are allowing us to transport wine inter-provincially. Did they consult with the robber barons who put those protectionism laws into effect to protect their liquor sales way back in the 20's or 30's. This was crony politics at work. It was done in the open but we let it happen. And guess what folks, we are still letting those who have tell those who do not have what to do and HOW TO DO IT.

The tipping point for me was Wes Sheridan saying that the poor are going to pay less tax under the HST. Or asking that poor lady to move to a TAX FREE ZONE. Is he totally out of touch with reality? Where is he getting his facts? Is he actually doing the research himself and crunching the numbers himself or are his numbers being given to him as talking points by the federal government?

What else are they going to try to sell us as "FOR THE GREATER GOOD"? It's all bull crap. The government says they care but "THEY LIE." They only make decisions to help themselves, and to help corporate interests get bigger and to have more control over their monopolies. What is the difference between a LIE or a SPIN? There is no difference. Truth is truth and lies are lies. There is no gray area. Somehow we have let “spin” become acceptable when really all it is a lie.

(Remember, this is for my children and their children's children, and also for yours.)

The Bible states "you will know them by their fruits". So what are the fruits of our Federal and Provincial governments? These are their fruits. Rapidly increasing food costs. Rapidly increasing taxes. Rapidly increasing unemployment. Rapidly increasing welfare rolls. Shrinking fisheries. Shrinking agriculture. Shrinking small business. Shrinking middle class. Shrinking of the value of our savings. Shrinking our standard of living. No real infrastructure plans for the future. Who do they think they are kidding. How long are we going to allow this to continue? To all you folks who think that electing a different person or party will effect real change, I put it to you - they have been telling us that forever. When are you all going to wake up and see the evil that is our party politics governmental system?

So where are all our independent thinkers or truthful, honest leaders? Perhaps they can save us. But you see, they can think, so they obviously see the truth, that it is useless to join the party politics bandwagon because all the parties are corrupt. You cannot effect change from within the political parties. Do not get caught up in left or right, liberal or conservative, etc. because that is just the old divide and conquer.

Little by little our fundamental rights and freedoms have been slowly being eroded away. Because it is happening very slowly no one seems to notice. It is happening

through legislation and changing social attitudes towards our definitions of immorality.

I have heard that Harper is being blackmailed over being a closet homosexual. I also heard that Ghiz was bought and paid for since before birth. I have heard that the reason the Ghiz government flip flopped on the HST was because the federal government blackmailed the provincial government over the PNP Program. Don't you think it strange that less than a week after the gentleman from York who owed the taxes (due to his receiving PNP moneys) appeared on Compass that they decided to go along with the feds. This was the tip of the first page on the scandal of the failed PNP Program. Had the Ghiz government not agreed to the HST then the Feds would have done an audit of the entire program. While I do not know if these things are true I do know that people all over the country have lost faith in their governments for whatever reasons. Diversity is the answer to everything big. The more choices you have the better you will be served. All corporations should have a maximum size limit whether it's public, private, non-profit or government corporations, AND HERE IS WHY.

What happens when BIGGER GETS BIGGER? As BIGGER GETS BIGGER, SMALLER GETS SMALLER. Therefore the old saying that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is more true now than ever before because of this fact alone.


(Remember, this is for my children and their children's children, and also for yours.)

Nothing should be TOO BIG TO FAIL. It is my opinion that once a corporation, government, church, or whatever reaches a certain size, IT HAS ALREADY FAILED. It may be great at making profits (corporate), great at creating laws (governing), great at being "ALL INCLUSIVE" (compromising churches). Large corporations treat the general public as pawns or with disdain. Look at your Media companies. They should all be split up into smaller companies. Did you know that less than 30 companies (6 now 2019) control most of the internet (really less than a dozen) and our tv and communications systems. They are so big now that they can demand to get paid a month in advance for their services.

Getting a job would be wonderful thing for most people and if I got paid a months wages in advance I would feel like I cheated someone. Only after a service is provided should we be required to pay. It's stupid. If our parents or grandparents heard of this practice they would have been up in arms. We cannot even do that as we have no arms. Even that has been legislated to a farcical stage.

Get rid of the current tax systems and bring in one flat sales or consumption tax. That way all persons, corporations, etc. would be taxed evenly. If we did that we could pay of our national debt quite quickly and have lots of money to fix our infrastructure and take care of our poor in spirit, our disheartened, our loved ones. We need to be given a chance to regain our dignity and self worth. Why should government be involved in the affairs of private business, another name for corporate welfare? The answer is that "THEY SHOULDN'T BE INVOLVED AT ALL". Yes, at some small level, government stimulus or incentives may be necessary for small local governments but usually they should stay out of the private sector. Why should any corporation in Canada not have to pay tax? It is because of how the income tax laws have been written.

There are so many tax laws that not even a tax attorney or accountant can know it all? On top of that the laws are meant be "vague" or "open to interpretation" WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well basically it means that all of us are breaking laws or committing tax fraud to a lesser or greater degree than our peers. That's right, we could all be prosecuted if the government decides to because there are so many laws and tax laws that the average person breaks 7 laws per day. They keep putting laws, regulations, etc. on the books but they never repeal any of these laws or remove them from the law books. WHY?

Do our governments really think we are so stupid that we will continue to take this abuse? I suppose that if all we ever do is write letters to the editor, then it will never change, at least not for the better.

There is a joke going on around the world that calls Canadians complacent idiots

because we never get emotional (angry) about the way our governments treat us. I know some of you will say "we live in the greatest, most free country in the world”,  BUT WE DO NOT. It is an elaborate illusion. It is another lie or "fake bill of goods" that we have bought into. CANADIANS NEED TO TAKE ACTION. Islanders even more so. And I am talking about you who are reading this. It begins by being informed.

Once informed we can then begin taking back the local civic and provincial elections as independents. Let's face it. Our governments would rather hurt its citizens than hurt a corporation. That is what they have done and are continuing to do. It is in the news everyday.

Let me tell you an old story ... one of temptation and acceptance into bondage. You know that old trick the devil wants to play on all of us. That is what happened to us the day we signed onto the Federal Governments equalization payment scheme. It was just another instrument for the Federal Government to wield it’s control over us and they do. This is how politics works today but that is not how it was set up to operate. Today politics is all about power and control and it has to stop.

CRONY CAPITALISM HAS TO STOP. Let’s try to take back our country or at least our province.

AND that is when I had given up on this LOST GOVERNMENT in 2014.

So I continued my journey trying to inform people of as much truth as possible using the enemies tools against them, mostly social media tools and one on one info sessions. I did this for many years as I felt I was called to do it. I received mixed success using those tools, but it was I all I had that I could do. So again I grew frustrated.  I had been searching for a way to tackle the monster at its roots. Eventually, with much prayer and meditation, my Spirit led me the DeJure Society of Canada.  Their message resonated with me at an inner level, a spiritual level if you will. It was the same message that I and many others had been preaching, seeking and educating ourselves to ...  real verifiable truth.  I am now part of the DeJure Society of Canada and have been for quite a while now. If you would like to meet like minded folks I invite you to join our DeJure Society of Canada. 

This is for my children and their children's children, and also for yours.

(click here to download my letter)