Critical Thinking and the Educated Person

Without critical thinking we would not exist today as a "civilized society".

Critical Thinking and the Educated Person -  A Powerful PowerPoint Presentation - Without critical thinking we would not exist today as a "civilized society". This presentation explains exactly what critical thinking is, what it is not, and also talks about methods of differing types of critical thinking. It is very well produced.  Critical thinking is no longer being taught  in our schools. Instead they are being indoctrinated with government propaganda and trained to perform in a government / corporate entity. Our children should be taught to question EVERYTHING. Whatever happened to teaching scientific principles? One look at our children's curriculum should be enough to make US question it as adults. But here's the rub .. our children are being taught that anything goes ... 2+2 can equal 5 and that is ok with the teacher. Immorality is now ok, homosexuality is now ok, and getting into huge debt is now ok. Even if these particular things are not being taught our children are being regimented into good little workers for the system. Every parent in the western world should watch a movie called "Indoctrination". Critical thinking is what gets us ahead as a society. Without it society would only advance by chance, rather than by design.

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 All of our current systems are built or predicated upon lies. If we continue to accept these lies, these systems, there is no hope. Do not listen to what our elected officials say, watch what they do. Do not believe all you hear from our corporate controlled mainstream media. Their job is to support the agenda of corporate North America and not to present you with the real news.  

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Consent of the Governed - contributed by Paul Chauvin

 You can’t ‘patriate’ a constitution. A state is not a piece of land. A state exists only because free men exist. It is we the people that give sovereignty to the state. A Constitution is an agreement that we all reach together in order to work together. The only way to adopt a Constitution is by all of us unanimously agreeing on it. The Constitution is the body of law that a duly elected government has to follow. It is a restraint on government, not on the people that make up the state. It should be pretty straight forward to anyone that thinks about it for one moment that it is up to us to draft a Constitution, it is not up to the government. It certainly isn’t up to a federal government that isn’t even a legitimate representative body of the people of Canada.

Harry James Townsend 

Critical Thinking Downloads & More

From our good friends, our provincial Lieutenant Governors De Jure.

These are a great and valuable resources, both the LGs and these documents.

An Introduction To Critical Thinking - The Foundations of Critical Thinking (ppt)


Critical Thinking (ppt)


Role of Administration In Establishing A Critical Thinking Community (ppt)


Alberta (doc)