Canada Grand Jury, Claim Royal Right, Corporation of Canada

King Denis the first and a proud Patriot as the King swears his oath to the people of Canada.

Canada Grand Jury Website Link - We Need Translators

This is a link to the Original Canada Grand Jury website. There was a tremendous amount of work and research that went into the first Grand Jury of the People. Much of the content is in the original French, according to the originating court. Google translate does a fair but not accurate translation of many of these documents, so reader beware. This is why we need volunteer French to English translators. Please help us in this endeavor. After all, we are doing this for you, your children, and their children. Be the change you are looking for. We are planting seed. Point us to the fertile soil, that together we may grow into the proud Nation of Canada.

Claim of Royal Rights - Declaration of Claim of Right to Reign

And I have lawfully, constitutionally claimed, in the presence of witnesses, for DENIS FIRST the Right to Reign, including the title of King of Canada de jure, full and complete under Canada Act 1982, c. 11 (UK).

Is Canada A Corporation?

Yes it is. Here are some interesting links. Listen to this short 1.5 minute video It explains that if you go here first, and search for Canada you will find that it is in fact registered in Washington DC. Following along in the video you will see another page listing an 18-K/A document required by every corporation to file annually. It pretty well sums up the fact that all so called 'Canadian citizens' are basically used as chattel or collateral. If you follow the second link down on this page called 18-K/A it takes you here and if you click on the html document listed in the first sequential line, under 18-K/A documents  it opens up this page and you can read for yourself.

Current Needs

We need much help in many areas. If you think you can be of help by offering your free services, I am sure we can find a spot for you. We need French  to English translators. We need a techie, a website coder website people, Should you wish to volunteer please contact us. 

Here is where we will show you our big news of the day.

The big news is that the people have reclaimed the Constitution of Canada back from the clutches of the corporation that had laid DeFacto claim to it. we, the people, have taken it back for the human beings living in Canada. We are currently underway a creating structure that we may be as effective as possible for the people.